Ipsos MRBI Survey shows support for overseas aid remains strong

Monday, 15 Jul 2013

Opinion poll reveals big majority of people wants the Government to deliver on its aid promises

A new opinion poll, commissioned by Dóchas and undertaken by Ipsos MRBI, found that a very large majority of people – 77 percent – think that “even in an economic down-turn, we have an obligation to invest in overseas aid”.

Although slightly down on last year, when 82% of respondents held this view, the survey shows that a large majority of people in Ireland support our aid promise.

“Our survey shows that – even in a downturn – three in four people want Ireland to deliver on its aid promises,” said Dóchas Director Hans Zomer.

“The Government has repeatedly stated that we must repair the damage to Ireland’s international reputation. We now have confirmation that 73% of people in Ireland feel our reputation abroad is helped by the fact that we want to keep our promises to the world’s poorest people” continued Zomer.

The survey, undertaken by Ipsos MRBI in June, was based on interviews with people from a representative sample of 1000 adults. The data show people in Ireland significantly over-estimate the amount Ireland spends on overseas aid, with 31% of respondents indicating they think the aid budget amounts to more than 6% of national income – 12 times the correct figure of 0.48%.

“Public support for investing in overseas aid remains strong. Once again, this opinion poll show that 4 out of every 5 people in Ireland do not want the economic crisis to be a reason for us to turn our back on the world’s poorest people,” noted Zomer.

“The figures remind the Government that the vast majority of people in Ireland feel strongly about our tradition, and our obligations towards those less fortunate than ourselves,” concluded Hans Zomer.

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•    Hans Zomer, Dóchas Director, tel. 085 728 3258 / 01 405 3801

Note to the Editors

•    Poll key findings are available at www.dochas.ie/Shared/Files/2/Public_Responses_on_Ireland_Investing_in_Overseas_Aid.pdf 

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