Greens support development aid roadmap

Tuesday, 28 Sep 2010


In a recent statement, Green Party Spokesperson Sen. Mark Deary publicly supported the Act Now campaign’s call for interim benchmarks on overseas aid.

The full text of the statement is reproduced below:

22 September 2010

Greens support development aid roadmap

Dearey backs call for annual targets to reach Millennium Development Goal targets in 2015

Green Party Foreign Affairs spokesperson Senator Mark Dearey has supported calls for a roadmap to be established outlining how Ireland will meet its UN commitments on development aid. The Louth Senator said that the Green Party had worked hard to protect aid spending in recent government cutbacks, and would now focus on ensuring that Ireland can fulfil its Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

Senator Dearey said: “As world leaders meet in New York today for the second day of talks on the Millennium Development Goals, and with the Department of Finance examining options for next year's Budget, it is a good time to reflect on Ireland's aid commitments.

"We have made significant progress this decade in raising Ireland's support for developing countries. Our aid budget has grown significantly over the last few years. But in order to fulfil our pledge to spend 0.7% of Gross National Product (GNP) on aid, we must protect and progressively increase spending over the next five years.

"The Green Party is committed to Ireland achieving our target, and with that in mind we are anxious that Ireland's commitment in 2011 at least remains at the 2010 level of 0.52% of GNP, despite the severe economic difficulties being experienced by the country.

"It is critical that climate change financing for developing countries is not drawn from the ODA budget. We would argue strongly for 100% climate adaptation funding to meet our commitment of €100 million over three years. To ensure that there is complete transparency on this matter this funding should be channelled through the Department of Environment.

"We agree with with Dóchas, Trocáire and others that to achieve our Millennium Development Goals, we must adopt annual targets specifying how ODA spending will reach 0.7% of by 2015," Senator Dearey said.


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